“Our student groups have travelled throughout Ireland every summer for over a dozen years. We keep coming back to Cork and to UCC because the lodging and facilities at University Hall are excellent. The rooms are comfortable and well maintained. The meeting spaces work well for our classes and events. Of all the places we stay in Ireland, UCC Campus Accommodation has the most helpful and friendliest staff. This is a first rate operation!”


Professor Thomas McHardy – James Madison University


“We have brought university students to Cork for some 15 years now, and every summer we are greeted by professional and friendly staff,  offered clean and well-maintained facilities, and provided with information about events and sites in and around Cork and at UCC.  Campus Accommodation has helped us to make our study abroad program fun and safe for our students.  It’s also a great location: close to the city centre and close to the beautiful parks along the River Lee

Steve Wilson, Director Texas State in Ireland program Texas State University


“This program has a very packed schedule, which allows for very little “down time” although the weekends are free for independent travel, something our students have always done. We needed a safe, calm, organized, efficient, and well-equipped environment for our students. We found that and much more at University Hall, the amenities and benefits that we have experienced during our summers at UCC University Hall Apartments, which not only surpass our basic expectations, but also enhance the enjoyment of our stay each summer”

Ms. Kathy Gast, Co-Director The University of Georgia Study Abroad in Ireland